Many primary teachers feel they lack the expertise, confidence and resources to deliver the quality religious education lessons they would like.

The Story Tent has been created to address these concerns, seeking to:

  • provide a range of easily accessible resources based on SR principles to help teachers deliver their own school specific and age appropriate Story Tent encounters.
  • provide training opportunities that will equip primary teachers with the skills and confidence they need to enable children to discover and understand faith from different perspectives.
  • develop and strengthen relational links between schools and their local faith communities and to build bridges across difference.


The Story Tent aims to create a hospitable space where pupils can explore different religious traditions and worldviews by engaging with people from different faith positions and comparing their stories. Through these encounters and structured teaching times, it aims to develop acceptance and understanding of others whilst still honouring genuine differences and develop intercultural competencies to equip pupils for an increasingly diverse world.


  • To develop attitudes that respect the beliefs of others, even if they are different from their own.
  • To become open to listening to the views of others and confident to bear witness to their own values and beliefs.
  • To develop curiosity about religions and worldviews through personal encounters and asking questions.
  • To develop skills of enquiry that will enable pupils to discover and interact with faith through the lens of story.
  • To develop skills of communication through dialogue that will help pupils to interpret and relate the insights to their own experience of the world.

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