This month we are excited to announce the publication of “Scriptural Reasoning for Primary Schools” - How to share and explore sacred texts and their stories, published by Grove Educational.

“Now is the time for us to be developing encounters that build trust through open dialogue about things that matter where religion is explicitly part of the conversation.”  

This book seeks to explore one way that we can begin to bring people together to share our stories and build friendships across divides. It starts with an introduction to Scriptural Reasoning and looks back at the history and origins of the work initially developed by Peter Ochs and David Ford back in the 1990’s. It outlines the core principles and explores why this can be an appropriate approach to use in primary schools.  

It identifies the unique place stories have in holding meaning for communities; a place that transcends the need for truth claims. It explores the process of honest dialogue around these stories in a safe environment that allows participants to bring the whole of their identity to the conversation. A place where difference is celebrated and not feared as it can be at these very points of difference that allow new insights to emerge and expand our learning. Through these conversations, I suggest, participants not only develop a deeper understanding of the other, but also as they seek to explain their own beliefs and values it develops a greater awareness of their own perspectives. 

If you would like to know more about doing some Scriptural Reasoning in your primary school or community groups and want to explore how you might apply the principles to your own context, the book can be purchased online and is available to buy for £3.95 at Grove books